What moves you?

Whether you drive to work, bus to school, bike to the corner store, or take a walk around the neighbourhood, the transportation network is there to help get you to your destination now and for years to come. My Travel Log looks at how the transportation network is used today to anticipate how it will be used in the future.

Top 5 things to know about the My Travel Log study.

  • Your household has been invited to participate if you received information about this study in the mail.
  • Your input will help planners accurately anticipate future transportation needs and prioritize infrastructure funding for Calgary and the surrounding region.
  • Your household is assigned a travel date. If you miss it, contact us and we’ll assign a new date for you.
  • Households in Calgary, Rocky View County, Wheatland County and the Municipal District (MD) of Foothills are randomly selected to participate.
  • Receive a $10 cheque or Amazon.ca gift card after completing the study.

Participate now.

If you received information about this study in the mail. You are invited to participate. Use the password provided to log in or call 587-391-0362.

3 steps to participate.

STEP 1: Complete the Household Questionnaire online or by phone.

STEP 2: Track your trips using the travel logs provided via mail.

STEP 3: Complete the Follow-up Survey online or by phone.