Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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General Information

What is the My Travel Log Study all about?

The My Travel Log study looks at how, when, where and why people travel in and around the Calgary region. Selected households are asked to provide details of all travel made over the course of one day. The information is collected to obtain a complete picture of travel patterns in the study area.

Why does my input help?

Understanding how, when, where and why citizens travel during the day helps city planners anticipate future transportation needs, and prioritize transportation improvements in the region and your community. Your input has a big impact because only a limited number of households are invited to join the study.

How was my household selected to participate?

Invited households were randomly selected from all the residential addresses in the study area.

Who in my household should participate?

Everyone living in your household on your assigned travel day. All trips taken on the assigned day should be recorded on the travel logs (enclosed). We ask that a parent or guardian complete the follow-up survey for children under age 17.

Should I participate if I don’t travel or the trips on my travel day are not typical?

Yes, you should still participate because that is valuable information for the study. As part of a representative sample, your household’s responses help provide a more complete picture of how, when, where and why people travel (or do not travel).

How is my personal privacy protected?

Your responses are kept strictly confidential. They are grouped with all other participating households for analysis and reporting. Your personal information is collected under the authority of Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. Visit for more information.

About Participating

What is my first step in participating?

Use your household’s password to log in at and complete the Household Questionnaire. You can also call and complete the questionnaire by phone at 587-391-0362.

What do I do on the assigned travel day?

On the assigned travel day, each member of the household should bring a Travel Log with them to record details of their trips and activities. Log in at to print more Travel Logs if needed.

What is a trip?

A trip is anytime you travel more than 50 metres to a new place, no matter how long you are there. Even if you stop briefly at a gas station, a drive-thru window, or to drop a child off at school, travel to that stop counts as one trip, and travel from that stop to another destination is a separate trip. Travel within a building is generally not considered a trip.

Some examples of trips include:

  • Drive to the train station, take the train, walk from train station to workplace (3 trips).
  • Walk to bus stop, take the bus to destination bus stop, walk home (3 trips).
  • Drive your child to school, drive to library, then drive home (3 trips).
  • Walk the dog around the neighbourhood (A round trip = 2 trips).
  • Go to and from lunch at a restaurant during workday (2 trips).

What do I do after the Travel Logs are complete?

After filling out the Travel Logs on the assigned day, complete the follow-up survey online or by phone within 10 days of your assigned day. Refer to the Travel Logs when responding to questions about your trips and activities. After completing the follow-up survey, your household will receive a $10 gift card or $10 cheque in appreciation.

Should my children participate?

Yes, trips to and from school, sports practice, play dates, and other activities help us understand the full nature of how the transportation system is used, and how it can be improved to meet the needs of all users including children.

Why do you need to know when I travel, where I work or where my children go to school?

Getting to and from work or school is a common reason people travel. It is important to know how these types of trips relate to the travel choices people make so that planners can understand citizen’s transportation needs and their demands on the transportation system.

What is a household?

Everyone who lives in a dwelling unit and shares the kitchen is a part of that household.

What is meant by travel and activities?

Our definition of Travel is going from one place to another for any reason. Activities are what you do and the reasons for your travel, for example, going to work, shopping, visiting friends or taking a walk.

Why are the locations and times you arrive and leave important to the study?

This information helps determine how the transportation system is being used during “peak” and “off peak” periods of demand, allowing us to plan for future improvements to the system.

Why are your activities important?

Activities may indicate possible changes in travel behavior. For example, working from home or online shopping may be replacing travel to workplaces or retail stores.

Why does the travel log start at 4 a.m.?

Most people are at home at 4 a.m., so we use this as a good starting point. We don’t expect you to get up at 4 a.m. to fill out the Travel Log. Simply begin recording in your Travel Log when you start your day.

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